Choeur GTG
Thursday 11 Mai 2017 | 7:30PM
Opéra des Nations

Grand Théâtre Opera Chorus Concert

Concert with the Grand Théâtre Opera Chorus
Director Alan Woodbridge

Les Jeudis du Chœur - Entretien avec Alan Woodbridge

Claude Debussy composed only one piece for unaccompanied voices, the Three Songs by Charles d’Orléans and what an exquisite gem of a piece it is, celebrating feminine beauty, the joys of a nice lie-in in Spring and berating Winter for its nastiness. Their musical essence is rhapsody, fluidity, and the frisson of an ephemeral life, all wrapped in sketches evocative of Pelléas. A programme of Brahms’ music for piano and chorus follows, showing off the variety both of his approach to choral writing, and of the choir’s ability to respond in kind. Gypsy folklore roots run deep in the Zigeunerlieder (op.103) and make a strong contrast with more romantic lyrical pieces, like the touchingly beautiful “Rote Rosenknospen…”?


Duration: approx. 1:15 (without intermission)



Musical Director & Piano solo  Alan Woodbridge
Piano Réginald Le Reun & Jean-Marc Perrin 
May 2017
Thursday 11 |  7:30 pm