21 > 25 February 2018
Opéra des Nations


Flamenco ballet by Sara Baras

Duration: approx. 1:30 (without intermission)

After RojoTango during the 2016-2017 season, we invite you to discover the world of Flamenco with one of its most prestigious ambassadors, Sara Baras. Listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010, Flamenco, which at a crossroads between East and West, is the affirmation of a way of living, thinking and viewing the world. “Being flamenco” has become a lifestyle in itself. A primal cry, a cry of memory, flamenco is a dialogue between the exterior of “me” in the past, and the intimacy of “me” in the present. Flamenco expression calls on a world of tension and violence, passion and anxiety, strong contrasts and oppositions that produce a cry to return to our origins. Here the body becomes an extension of the spirit. The tragedies of life, the deepest sentiments, and the most intimate emotions are the lifeblood of flamenco. In 1998, Sara Baras formed her own company and created her first choreography, Sensaciones. She is irresistible; despite her angelic face, she has a steely temperament and reigns over her troupe like a true master. She chooses the subjects of her ballets with a preference for emblematic female characters. She creates the choreographies and takes on the main role, choosing the partner she wants for every creation. She manages the lighting, designs the costumes and selects the music. Her performances have just the right balance of madness and fever to appeal to any flamenco lover or spectator. She truly communicates her delight in appearing on stage. An unmissable event.

Artistic Director, Stage Director & Choreographer Sara Baras
Musical Director & Compostion Keko Baldomero
Set Designer Ras Artesanos
Costumes Designer Torres-Cosano
Lightin Designer Oscar Gómez de los Reyes
With the collaboration of Carlos Herrera, J. Jiménez « Chaboli », Sergio Monroy
Guest artist & choreographer José Serrano
Dancers María Jesús García Oviedo
Charo Pedraja
Cristina Aldón
Daniel Saltares
David Martín
Musicians Keko Baldomero
Andrés Martínez
Antonio Suárez
Manuel Muñoz « Pájaro »
Singers Rubio de Pruna
Miguel Rosendo
Israel Fernández
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