Boris Godounov
28 October > 15 November 2018
Opéra des Nations

Boris Godunov

Opera by Modest Mussorgsky
Libretto by the composer based on the drama Boris Godunov by Aleksandr Pushkin and on Nikolay Karamzin's History of the Russian State. Original version of 1869, first performed in Saint Petersburg on 16 February 1928 at the Mariinski Theater.

New production

Sung in Russian with English and French surtitles
Duration : approx. 2h10 without intermission
Bars are open 1h before the show and after the performance

Presenting the original version of 1869, means meeting a tsar, an ambivalent person, both a powerful man and yet an unhappy one. Mussorgsky has composed not only an opera, but also a popular musical drama. Although Boris Godunov rules his people humanely, the country is sinking into poverty and chaos – a tragedy that leads to the loss of power and to death. The people, who are the main protagonists of the opera, and the tsar represent two forces which unintentionally oppose each other, but never realise it. This tragedy of lack of understanding leads to the death of the tsar at the end of the work and constitutes one of the most beautiful pages of the score, inspired by the play of the same name by Alexander Pushkin. On a partially true backcloth described by Pushkin, Mussorgsky weaves the threads of a national drama which, through the magic of a language as true as it is beautiful, turns into a grandiose universal tragedy. Other composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov and Shostakovich have revisited Boris. The version of 1869 (in 7 scenes), through its dark side, conciseness and the violence of the subject matter, appears the most original in its evocation of the misfortune of a tsar considered as a usurper, thanks to a savage and flamboyant score.

Musical Director Paolo Arrivabeni
Stage Director Matthias Hartmann
Set Designer Volker Hintermeier
Costumes Designer Malte Lübben
Lighting Designer Peter Bandl
Boris Godunov Mikhail Petrenko
Alexey Tikhomirov (14 Nov.)
Grigoriy Serghej Khomov
Prince Vasiliy Shuysky Andreas Conrad
Pimen Vitalij Kowaljow
Andrey Shchelkalov Roman Burdenko
Fyodor Marina Viotti1
Xenia Melody Louledjian
Varlaam Alexey Tikhomirov
Oleg Budaratskiy (14 Nov.)
Misail Andrei Zorin
The Innkeeper Mariana Vassileva-Chaveeva
The Innocent Boris Stepanov
The Nurse Victoria Martynenko
A Police Officer Oleg Budaratskiy
Aleksandar Chaveev (14 Nov.)
A boyard Rémi Garin
Mitioukha Harry Draganov
Grand Théâtre Opera Chorus
Director Alan Woodbridge  
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande   
Maîtrise du Conservatoire populaire de musique,
danse et théâtre de Genève

Directors Magali Dami & Fruzsina Szuromi
1Marina Viotti is supported by the Cercle du Grand Théâtre de Genève  

Présentation de l'œuvre


Oct 2018
Sunday 28 |  7:30 pm
Nov 2018
Saturday 3 |  7:30 pm
Wednesday 7 |  7:30 pm
Friday 9 |  7:30 pm
Sunday 11 |  3 pm
Tuesday 13 |  7:30 pm
Wednesday 14 |  7:30 pm
Thursday 15 |  7:30 pm

Performances take place at the Opéra des Nations.