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Opéra de Pékin - Le Roi singe
12 & 13 January 2019
Opéra des Nations

Peking Opera - The Fantastic Journey of Sun Wukong

China National Peking Opera Company

To celebrate the new adventure of the Opéra des Nations in China, the Grand Théâtre de Genève invites you to two evenings around the Peking Opera. There are few opportunities, outside of China, to indulge in the refined pleasures of this genre which mixes song, music, dance, drama and martial arts. A series of archetypal characters is usually used to bring to life episodes of Chinese history or folk tales. These exceptional performances will allow you to travel a little more in this magnificent ephemeral theater to discover a great Chinese cultural tradition through a form of theatre that does away with excessive ornamentation in order to achieve greater purity of expression serving a story deeply rooted in the occidental culture. 3 years of emotion, nearly 300 performances for nearly 300'000 spectators, let us wish that this unique theater will seduce its new public as it did in Geneva. Bon voyage et merci !

Jan 2019
Saturday 12 |  7:30 pm
Tickets Fr. 13.- to Fr. 199.-
Sunday 13 |  3 pm
Tickets Fr. 13.- to Fr. 199.-

Performances take place at the Opéra des Nations.