27 November > 2 December 2018
Opéra des Nations


Choreography by Abou Lagraa on the Great Mass in C minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève
Director Philippe Cohen

World premiere

Duration : approx. 1h05 without intermission

Wahada - Extraits

The dancing of Abou Lagraa has within it a subtle mixture of classicism, urban energy and contemporary expressiveness. But above all, he is an artist who is daring and assumes a certain sensuality of movement, which tries to find what the dancers each have in themselves, apart from the dance, a sort of ingrained and sensitive poetry. Supported majestically by the Mass in C minor, the choreographer develops a dance portrayed with fluidity, abandon, virtuosity and harmony. A shared dance offering a spiritual journey, where the bodies become music, borne on the wings of the crystal clear Mass by Mozart. Wahada is thus the promise of a mutual inhaling of a harmonious breath of air, where the freedom of the body has the effect of a balm that imbues us with its simplicity and freedom. The promise of a poem written on the bodies of the dancers.

Choreographer Abou Lagraa
Choreographer assistant Abou Lagraa
Scenographer Quentin Lugnier
Costumes Designer Paola Lo Sciuto
Lighting Designer Marco Giusti


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