L'Opéra des Nations

The Fondation du Grand Théâtre

The Fondation du Grand Théâtre de Genève is a municipal public service foundation, financially supported by the City and State of Geneva and dedicated to artistic and cultural pursuits. The Foundation's purpose is the management of the Grand Théâtre de Genève as an artistic venue for opera, dance and drama.
The Foundation's statues were established in 1964 by cantonal law.
The Foundation's board is made up of fourteen members, appointed by the Municipal Council and the Aldermen of the City of Geneva, two guest members appointed by the State Council and one Staff Representative as guest member. The Foundation's Executive is made of five members of its Board.

Board of Directors

Ms. Lorella Bertani, Chairwoman
Mr. Guy-Olivier Segond*, Deputy chairman
Ms. Pierre Conne*, Secretary

Mr. Claude Demole*
Mr. Sami Kanaan*
Mr. Rémy Pagani*
Mr. Manuel Tornare*

Mr. Juan Calvino**
Mr. Jean-Pierre Jacquemoud
Mr. Pierre Losio
Ms. Danièle Magnin
Ms. Françoise de Mestral
Mr. Albert Rodrik
Mr. Pascal Rubeli
Ms. Salika Wenger

Mr. Guy Demole, Honorary Chairman
Mr. Jean-Flavien Lalive, Honorary Chairman †


*Member of the Municipal Council
**Staff Representative

As of 15 December 2017


Cynthia Haro
P +41 22 322 51 71